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According to the NGO’s view of the center for cultural development, social development is divided into five dimensions as follows. The organization’s projects are planned for these purposes:

1 – social solidarity

2 – social justice

3 – social development ethics

4 – the quality of life

5 – social security

Social development expresses the quality of the social system by institutionalizing development ethics, in particular social development ethics, to achieve social cohesion and increase the quality of life by promoting social justice and upgrading social security.

The ethics of development are the way we think, feel, and ultimately tend to behave in a particular way in society.


There is an interactive relationship between advances in social development hardware such as technological advances, economics, quality of life, and economic prosperity with social development ethics. In this way, the ethics of social development provide the right conditions for economic development by changing attitudes and values.


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Ukrainian war refugees in temporary shelter and help center getting drinks from volunteers

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